Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final Blog

Over these past few weeks, it has been a struggle to complete this task that has been at hand for quite a long time. In complete honesty, I do not believe that I will be able to even do this before the semester ends because of the odd weather we have been having. I have given my all into this project, well not actually my all. I actually have just given what little time I have had left into this project and if I would have tried a bit harder then I believe that this would have been a great success. Besides all of my shortcomings, I still believe I reached a large amount of success with my personal goals tgat have been set out for me to reach. All together I have become a better person and to me, that recovers a great deal of the pain that my failures have brought. It has been a wonderful semester, and I just want to thank everyone who has helped me come this far. Sincerely, Austin Slater.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Summing it all up.. For now

Everything I have researched about my passion has truly driven me far in this project and in my ambitions of life. Though this project has not helped anyone yet due to the rescheduling of it because it's just getting too cold outside. But this has helped me greatly, it has tought me the true meaning of my family and how easy it could be to get help from your community to pursue your passion. This has also helped me with my ambition of becoming an architect because it has cleared the path of what I need to do to become one.

In all honesty, I have not completed much at all for my 20 time project because there is not much left to do except wait for a good day to actually do this. Overall I believe I have done enough to satisfy my goals for this project even though I have not technically completed it yet.  I have learned way more from this project then I have from anything else and for the final days of the semester I will just be finalizing what I have learned to put into a presentation. I will also try to stay in touch with everyone that is helping me with this so I can be as efficient as I can with making this all work the way I want it to.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Professional Opportunities

         Some opportunities that are still available for me to pursue that do not relate to my passion is engineering or architecture. When I searched up information about architecture, I really was not that excited about what I saw. It consisted of draw this, done; draw that, done. The things I wished to accomplish only come to a select few from the immensely growing list of architects outs there. That's why I am reconsidering the idea of engineering.

         When I searched up engineering, I was much more pleased with what I found. There is just so much more opportunity in engineering than architecture. I can go into different branches of engineering and every job is unique and complex in its own way. I could either go into neuro space engineering which is basically building space ships, or marine engineering which is basically submarines. I find this way more interesting than architecture even though I have been involved with architecture for a good portion of my life and it has helped me just as much too.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Lessons Learned so far

         So far, my greatest lesson that I have learned through this entire project is that as long as you have a voice and the will to make a change, you can do anything. I never thought that I would ever think that because I thought that only people with big names could make big changes. But then 20 time came along and it showed me that big names don't mean a thing when you want to make a difference. This is valuable to me because it have me the confidence I needed to carry out this project with no hesitations.

         This lesson will help me with the completion of my project because with every step I take, I become more confident in what I do and how things will turn out. With each step, everything also seems a lot easier and that just boosts my confidence even more for this project. Not only does this lesson help me as a freshman for this project, but it will also help me throughout all of high school. I believe it will do this by changing the way I look at things and how I will carry on when times are tough too they're exactly the way I want them to be.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day

         Pitch day to me was definitely not the most moving experience I have ever had before. Mostly because I did not even move the entire day and only had to present once, which was pretty good. I was really hoping to give my presentation more than once though, and possibly to give my presentation to an administrator so I could get them on board with my idea too. I still got a great deal of assistance from the one family I presented too, they told me exactly who to contact for Cousler Park in which I still need to do.

         I do think that even though the whole pitch day thing was not what I expected, I still learned a lot from it. First off, I learned that if you are going to be stuck in a room for an hour waiting for people listen to your big idea, stretch. Also, I learned that apparently I'm a lively and funny person and I honestly never would have guessed that I was like that. Maybe now that will help me in class since I won't feel like the quiet kid anymore. But all together, I think pitch day truly changed me forever.

Things I have Learned along the way

         So far in this project I have done a vast majority of the work that must be done to complete
this. This involves me talking to Mr. Hamme, Manchester Township, and soon to be Brenda's
Sandwiches. On top of that I have made a poster that still needs to be approved by Mr. Hamme and
I have completed my presentation for pitch day on November first. All of these things helped me get
a clearer vision of what I still need to do and how it should all be done. Also with doing all of this I
have learned what I possibly could have done better with the project already such getting more valid
information to put on the poster. Honestly the only things on the poster is, "If you want to volunteer,
email me!" Or, " For more information, email me!" It's all up in the air at the moment and I feel as if I
could have done a better job keeping it under control.

         So far in this project, I have learned that I have an awful work ethic. The reason it is hitting me
now is because this actually means something and I only recently started taking it seriously and
that's when I noticed I am out of it. This entire project is completely doable but the one struggle that
is really keeping me down is the fact that I just want to do other things and I feel that if I didn't have
this urge I'd be done by now and the event would have already been held and have been
successful. Luckily for me, I can plan anything on the spot and I had this entire project planned out
step by step at the oddest of times. I am pretty sure I came up with it one day in class when Mrs.
Anderson was going around asking what we were gonna do and I raised my hand thinking, " What's
the worst that could happen?" So I just started off with the whole poster thing and went on and on
until everything was all planned out and even the smallest of things were accounted for. Now all I
have to do is actually do them.

         I have learned that in the real world, if you're going to start something you better finish it
because people's real time is going into this and a real outcome is waiting and if you just bail on it
you'll regret it. Mostly because there'll be people saying, " What happened with this?" Or, " I thought
you were going to save these children's lives?" And you're just sitting there saying I didn't feel like
doing that anymore. If there's anything I learned, it's that you better run A LOT if you're going to be
like that because people are gonna be chasing you down for a long time. Because of that, I have
forced myself to think through each problem I face now so in the end, I have no problems staring me
in the face. I'll have a clean slate and that's what I believe is the biggest change that this project
brought to me.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Outcome

         In these past few days I was not as successful as I had planned to be but I still achieved a good
portion of my goals. Even though I could not get in touch with the owner of Brenda's sandwiches
or the Manchester Township officials, I was still able to have a meeting with our 9th grade principal Mr. Hamme. The meeting went very well in my opinion. We discussed all about my plans and hopes for Fun for Fosters. We first went over why I decided to start this whole project and that involved my story of how a close family friend came to our house one night and told us how they have had an awful relationship with their family their entire life. That lead on to my goal in which I plan to build a stronger bond within families all over central for the good of our own people.

        After that little story we discussed my plans on how I am going to get word around about all of
this. I told him my plan for posters and possibly an ad on CTV. I also brought up what kind of info
would be found on the posters as in contact information if you would like to volunteer and things like
that. At that point is where our little meeting ended, I honestly think I did pretty good and it seemed he liked my idea pretty well. I am glad to say this all went by very smoothly with little to no problems at all(at least with just Mr. Hamme). The only problems I had with contacting the authorities I needed was just them not answering my calls but I at least left a few messages so hopefully that will all fix itself in time.